Who We Are.

MY Construction was formed in 2005 and has since enjoyed steady growth and success.
Coming from a qualified civil engineering background, the founder of the company has continued to expand and develop, building long term close relationships with Clients, Consultants and Employers.
The workload now covers a wide range of sectors, including individual high-end residential properties, hotel construction/refurbishment, residential/mixed-use developments, educational facilities, commercial and corporate centres.

The Company enjoys long term close working relationships with bespoke joinery manufacturers, specialist finishes contractors, general trade sub-contractors and suppliers.
Most importantly we pride ourselves in forming strong working relationships with our clients and their project teams to help best deliver projects to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Our Core Values.

Excellence: We combine technical excellence with innovative ideas to deliver projects of outstanding quality.

Teamwork: We believe that collaboration between team members, in combination with a fair distribution of tasks, contributes to an environment of cooperation and respect.

Integrity: We believe in an open channel of communication between ourselves and our clients, which encourages a culture of honesty and fairness.

Accountability: We take ownership of all aspects of our projects, to ensure work is delivered in accordance with our values and principles.

Commitment: We are dedicated to establishing and delivering achievable objectives in the most efficient and timely manner. Our service to our clients stretches far beyond project completion.

Sustainability: We strive to preserve or improve the quality of life in the communities where we work. We are committed to engaging with local people and protecting the environment.

What We Do.

The Company undertakes projects in various forms of contract procurement, examples being Design and Build, Traditional, Negotiated or Cost Plus.

We provide additional in-house construction, from concrete works, waterproofing, brickwork, M&E and carpentry to name a few. This helps us to be flexible and offer more of a total solution for the client.

Our People